Veterans Advocates Agency, Inc. dba Omega Debt Relief EAP program guidelines are as follows:


Omega Debt Relief, a national debt relief organization, has operated effectively since 1999 in seventy-three (73) different markets across the United States and operates primarily; but not limited to; the following states: California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Massachusetts, New York and Illinois. The exact services available under this low-cost program shall be discussed in depth infra.

 Omega Debt Relief is excited to announce its new and improved employee assistance program (“EAP”) program. This program is designed as an additional employee benefit that carries no costs to the host employers. Further, any employee who chooses to take advantage of this program bears no risk and only pays for those services that are necessary for that particular employee. As a part of our new and improved program, our company has teamed up with a southern California law firm who specializes in bankruptcy chapters 7, 11 and 13. The Omega Debt Relief CEO and founder, Paul A. Basurto, works closely with the Law Offices of Foroozandeh, APC. on all bankruptcy cases and also oversees the bankruptcy division of the Law Offices of Foroozandeh, APC. along with managing attorney and principal of the law firm, Majid Foroozandeh, Esq.

Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”)

 What is the program?

This program offers discounted debt relief services both non-bankruptcy (Alternative methods) and Bankruptcy in accordance with both California law and 11 U.S.C. §528 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code which states “We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.” The exact nature of what is required is determined on a case by case basis.

Q. This program costs no money to the host employers but what do the employees pay?

A. The eligible employees (determined by the employer) receive any one of the following benefits:

     1. Discounted bankruptcy legal representation*

     *This  service is provided by the Law Offices of Foroozandeh, APC.*

2. Free evaluation as to what chapter or IF bankruptcy is the correct solution particular    employee.

2. Discounted Bankruptcy alternatives for debt relief described as follows:

a. If it is determined, by the employee, that it is not in his/her best interests to file a bankruptcy then our debt settlement services can be utilized by the employee with no up-front fees. Eligible employees only pay after services are rendered and the fees are set forth prior in our written agreement so there are no surprises and no hidden fees.

b. Omega Debt Relief has a proven track record nationwide for the past 18 years and no employee who takes advantage of this special program pays any up-front monies until our work is completed, so the employee only pays a discounted rate for results achieved.

c. This program is a win/win scenario because the employees who need this program are only paying a small percentage (i.e. 20%) of the actual amount of savings that is realized by the employee through the debt negotiation and settlement process. Hence, the employee is only paying a small percentage of what he or she is already legally obligated to pay.

d. For example, if an employee who is suffering under crushing debt problems is in need of a fresh start, our company uses its vast experience of over 75 years combined in advanced debt negotiation, debt collection law and procedure, bankruptcy law and litigation, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and creditor/debtor law knowledge to provide the most advanced services possible to the employee in order to achieve the best possible interest free settlement on any assigned debt.

 Q. How does this program benefit the Employer and why should we choose Omega Debt Relief’s EAP program vs. any other ones offered by other vendors?

A. As a founder and CEO of Omega Debt Relief, I would ask that same question, and the answer is quite simple. The host employers do not warrant or endorse the services provided by either Omega Debt Relief or the Law Offices of Foroozandeh, APC., the employer merely provides these benefits and services as needed for those employees who require such services. Accordingly, there is no cost to the employer and should an employee actually need the services, that same employee will pay NO UP FRONT FEES*, so the employee who needs these services pays nothing unless he or she actually benefits and even then, that fee is only a small percentage of what that person actually legally is obligated to pay anyway.

 Q. Is there any obligation? Or contract length?

A. No, our agreements are month to month. Either party may voluntarily terminate at any time.

*This program is administered only through your employer. You must be an eligible employee an employed at one of our member employers to participate in our EAP program.

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