Q: Does this program damage my credit bureau rating?

A: Yes, we have never had a case where a client has not suffered some form of detriment to his/her credit score. Should you require and choose our debt settlement program; the typical time period for late payments and derogatory entries lasts approximately 7 years or less, depending upon the circumstances and the creditor.

Q: Does Bankruptcy damage my credit bureau rating?

A: Yes,  bankruptcy filings are public records and remain on a personal credit report for 10 years.

Q: Does your company settle business debts?

A: Yes, we specialize in small business debt settlement.

Q: How does Debt Settlement help me?
A:  There are only 3 practical methods to handle unpaid debts; these methods are as follows:

1. File Bankruptcy (there are specific rules regarding this method, you should consult with a bankruptcy attorney for such rules).

2. Settle your debts with your creditors: This process can be lengthy, time consuming, frustrating and tedious, but in the end you will benefit in most cases.

3. Pay off your debts (in which case you would not require our services).

Q: Are settlements paid to creditors  in lump sums or in monthly installments?

A: It depends upon our client's wishes, resources and individual circumstances. All settlements paid to creditors are interest free. Most creditors will accept monthly installments.

Q: How long does this process take?
A: This depends upon your ability to pay off the negotiated settlement with each creditor.

Q: Does Interest continue to accrue while I am involved in the program?
A: Yes, however, negotiated settlements we obtain for all of our clients are interest free, otherwise we reject the creditor's settlement counter offer. 

Q: How much does this service cost?
A: It depends upon the amount and type of your debts, your assets & liabilities overview, special circumstances etc.. However, each matter is designed to benefit the client, hence as long as you pay the settlement in full you will always save money. In cases of U.S. Military veterans or their families and dependents, our company charges no up front fees.

Q: Do you offer bankruptcy services?

A:No, this program is a bankruptcy alternative. However, we work closely with local bankruptcy counsel and we can refer you to a highly skilled bankruptcy lawyer.

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